Our areas

We bring innovation and efficiency to companies through technology, making people happier with their work

DyFlowing is made up of qualified teams both technically and functionally.
Our consultants are specialized in Microsoft, ERP and CRM platform.
We provide help and support in accounting and financial matters,
in production processes, in the commercial and logistics fields, in warehouse management and in web and mobile apps.
We focus on the research and development of Industry 4.0, in new types of services analyzing the specific needs of each customer and finding the most suitable and performing technological solution.
Our mission is to bring customers a top-class product based on Microsoft Dynamics solutions and help them manage the entire flow of processes with specialized consultancy and solution development.


Dynamics 365 is available in cloud, locally or with hybrid deployment options adapting to all needs. Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations consists of several applications
Dynamics 365 Finance: automates global financial operations, monitors real-time performance, predicts future results to make data-driven decisions to guide your business.
Dynamics 365 Supply Chain Management: brings together IoT, mixed reality and artificial intelligence to improve the visibility of operations and act on predictive insights that simplify the supply chain and productivity of your company.
Dynamics 365 Retail: creates extraordinary digital and in-store shopping experiences and simplifies the management of the sales network.
Dynamics 365 Human Resources: accelerates the success of people, optimizes the costs of the workforce and promotes an agile and high-performance culture.


It is the easily adaptable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution that helps small and medium-sized companies to automate and connect sales, purchases, accounting and warehouse management. Dynamics NAV has now become Dynamics 365 Business Central, an all-in-one business management solution that offers a modern user experience and flexibility of deployment in the cloud or locally based on your needs. Thanks to a simple transition similar to any update, Business Central offers the benefits of a cloud-based solution, without compromising the functionality of Dynamics NAV. DyFlowing also specializes in specific vertical solutions: PrintVis for the management of industries related to the world of graphics and packaging and DyFlower for the management of companies in the Garden world.


We manage implementation projects of CRM platforms, a strategic tool that allows you to manage company relations in a complete and accurate way and to meet the needs of the sales and the marketing functions and customer care. The CRM platforms allow you to have all the information on customers and potential customers at hand anytime, anywhere, acting as a real central point for all existing and implementable business systems in the future. We can implement KPI calculation and customer classification logics, data cleansing tools and predictive engine in order to recommend the next best actions and create and manage marketing campaigns aimed at your target. We can also configure the Power Bi to provide the customer with an immediate and comprehensive analysis of the data managed by the various systems.


Cloud computing is the paradigm of today and tomorrow. It represents an essential opportunity for companies of all sizes which can manage a large number of their IT needs without purchasing (and maintaining) hardware resources or software licenses. Cloud computing is the technology that can make business processes leaner and support business in the era of the digital economy and of the industry 4.0.


We develop innovative solutions based on the most modern technologies, the same tecnologies of industry 4.0. Each software is developed ad hoc according to customer needs and perfectly integrated with the tools already existing in the company. Our solutions always bring great added value generated by the combination of our high technical capacity and our deep analysis skills of business processes. Over time we have developed proprietary platforms that we are able to customize for our customers.


We provide an AMS service for application and functional issues making sure to preserve the efficiency of the solutions implemented. Punctuality, precision, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and efficiency are the guiding principles of the work we do.